Luchan Enterprises Co., Ltd.
LECOL Luchan Enterprises Co., Ltd. has been the leading
supplier of Boiler Water Sampling Systems in Taiwan for more
than a decade, our product line includes Sample Coolers,
Pressure Reducers, Back Pressure Valves and ION Exchange
Resin Columns, all of which combine to form the main components
for the sampling system.

We can also provide Water Analyzers as a complete unit due to
our vast experiences and knowledge from representing one of the
largest manufacturer in the world.

This expertise ensures our capability to design more accurate
analyzers which are not only more convenient to use, but also
easier to maintain.
LECOL can offer complete custom design boiler water and steam
sampling system and assembly or build according to your
requirements, including OEM.

From large complete units to small components, we can provide you
the best quality products to help you ease maintenance, provide
reliable measurements and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Other than completing the whole product line, LECOL can provide
Chemical Dosing Systems which can be combined with the
Sampling Unit as a complete section in power plants.
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