Steam and Water Analysis System SWAS
After (De-Gassed) Cation Conductivity System
FGD Scrubber pH Analyzer System
C Series Water Cooled Chiller
DG 100 Series De-Gassed Unit
Sample Cooler
Back Pressure Relief Valve
Ion Exchange Resin Column
Steam Quality Monitoring
Precision Instrumentation
Luchan Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Boiler steam and water analysis system
LECOL has been the leading supplier of Boiler Water
Sampling Systems in Taiwan for more than a decade. We can
offer complete design for boiler water and steam sampling
system and assembly or build according to your requirements.

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Steam Quality Monitoring System
Critical Parameter
Proper Analyzers
Tough Equipment
Wide Range Application
Customized Design

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After (De-gassed) Cation Conductivity System
In normal operation of a boiler, if "after the cation ions
conductivity" reading is higer than expected, it could mean that it
may be contaminated or a possible leakage for Anions or salts
somewhere in the condenser. That is a upset condition which may
cause boiler corrosion. Many boiler suppliers have the limitation
for the after cation conductivity reading in their warranty repair

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FGD Scrubber pH Analyzer System
FGD is the most common equipment in electric power plants. pH
control in FGD is also important for equipments due to high viscosity
and impurities process, the pH sensor requires a rugged design of
reference liquid junction to avoid the coating and junction offset
build-up, which is the main reason for short sensor lifespan.

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C Water Cooled Chiller
LECOL's water cooled chiller unit can "trim" the process
temperature to cool down to 25 +/- 1 deg. C which will
improve the accuracy of water analyzers and make the
measurement get close to laboratory value.

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DG 100 Series De-Gassed Unit
LECOL DG100 series de-gassed unit is a complete design equipment to
confirm the corrected conductivity value after re-boiling in cation
conductivity measurement for boiler steam and water analysis application.
Cation conductivity is a important parameter for boiler, most of the boiler
manufacturers has specified the cation conductivity value should be below
a certain conductivity limit (i.e. below 0.25 us/cm) to make sure no
"leakage". Carbon dioxide or organics is the interference during the
measurement, it can be heated up to ¡§near to boiling¡¨ point and all the
organics are volatized and removed which can reduce the interference
and get the accurate reading.

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Below you will find some of the individual components for our systems that we can also provide
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Type LC Series Sample Cooler

Lecol LC Series Sample Cooler provides the most cooling efficiency allowing it to
be suitable for most applications in water or steam process.

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LUBPRV Series Back Pressure Relief Valve

Lecol Back Pressure Relief Valves are used in front of analyzers, provide an
adjustable constant inlet pressure before the analyzers which helps to stabilze the
flow rate for each analyzers.

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Type LUCR Resin Column

The cation exchange resin column is used to detect some Anions which can
only allow a small amount concentration (i.e. ppb) in the boiler steam/water
circulating system.

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